Konquest Smart Digital Scale - BLACK

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Know your body. The KDS-1003 Konquest SMART Digital Smart Scale measures more than just your weight. We use advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to help you measure and track13 essential measurements, giving you comprehensive data about your health. When you stand on a KONQUEST Smart Scale, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen. This electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance, known as impedance, is measured and input into scientifically validated algorithm that calculates all your body’s composition metrics.

Use the KONQUEST+ app to access your daily, weekly, and monthly body composition reports. Monitor your history and progress to stay motivated and understand how your day-to-day activities are affecting your body composition. Pairs with the scale via Bluetooth and syncs to Apple Health, Google Health, and many other health apps.



  • Maximum weight: 400lb/180kg
  • Units: kg/lb (switch in app of in the back of the scale)
  • Scale interval: 0.1lb/0.05kg
  • Power: 3 x AAA batteries


Package Contents:


  • 1 x Konquest Smart Digital Bathroom scale
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 3 x AAA Batteries (included)